RTC offers summer advice for transit users

The desert heat can be dangerous to those who are unprepared. In spite of summer’s soaring temperatures, people still need to get to work, do their shopping and visit family and friends. For those who use public transit, waiting outside for the bus and walking to and from the stop in the heat requires additional precautions.

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada reminds its customers to stay safe and cool during the summer months by following three simple tips:

▶ Travel with plenty of water and use a spill-proof container on buses.

▶ Minimize heat exposure by arriving at your stop no more than 10 minutes before your bus’ scheduled stop time.

▶ Protect your skin by seeking shade at the bus stop, wearing a hat, using an umbrella and wearing sunscreen.

To minimize wait times outside in the heat, customers can get updated bus information via various technology options from the RTC, including rideRTC, a text messaging service and Ride Tracker, the RTC’s mobile website.

The rideRTC text message service is easy to use. A customer simply sends a text to 41411 with rideRTC, followed by a space, and then the bus stop ID number. For example: rideRTC 292. Within seconds, the rider will receive a text with the next three scheduled stops at that specific location.

RTC’s Ride Tracker is a mobile website that provides riders with an updated status of a vehicle’s real-time location and wait times for the next bus arrival at their stop. The RTC mobile website can be accessed via any Internet-enabled smartphone by typing in rtcsnv.com in the phone’s Web browser and clicking on the transit icon.

And for those who are driving this summer instead of taking transit, the RTC provides the latest traffic information on the valley’s highways. With FAST Traffic Alerts, drivers can receive up-to-the-minute information regarding Interstate 15, 215 Beltway and U.S. Highway 95 traffic incident reports via email or text messages. Drivers can sign up for FAST alerts online at rtcsnv.com.